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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Pegasus
Wonderbolt Trainee
EducationWonderbolt Academy
ResidenceCloudsdale Mane-or
Real world
VoiceCathy Weseluck[note 1]
Ashleigh Ball[note 2]
"Hurricane Fluttershy"
"She's All Yak"

Clouchaser, also rendered Cloud Chaser, and sometimes Stormwalker (a name she wishes she was born with[1]) was a pegasus mare from Ponyville and close friend of Flitter.


It was unclear where Cloudchaser was born, but she at least spent a portion of her childhood in Cloudsdale and partook in a couple flying competitions within the city with her good friend, Flitter In these competitions, though her performance varied.[2] Though their dynamic clashed, with Flitter just wanting to have fun and Cloudchaser herself wanting to win, they instead became an effective duo and close friends.[3][4]

Cloudchaser achieving last place

In her adulthood, Cloudchaser became good friends with Thunderlane as well, and regularly foalsat for his younger brother, Rumble, along with Flitter.[5]

In the early days of the Era of Harmony, Cloudchaser was recruited for and later participated in tornado duty with her friends Flitter, Bulk Biceps and the rest of the Ponyville Pegasi.[6]

Sometime later, she and two of her friends, Bulk Biceps and Thunderlane all began to try-out as Wonderbolts. During her early tryouts, Cloudchaser was nervous, but displayed true qualities of a Wonderbolt, such as selflessness and kindness towards her fellow pony.[7] In the following days, she became among the most active of the Wonderbolt Trainees participating in competitions such as the Equestria Games,[8] in military conflicts such as the failed assault on Tirek[9] and generally heroic deeds, such as rescuing Pinkie Pie and Cherry Jubilee.[10]


Cloudchaser was seen to be competitive, headstrong, selfless and brave. She loved to win, and hated to lose, but didn't appear to hold any grudge against those who bested her, as she was beaten by Flitter in a race as a child, but grew to be very good friends with her. She appeared to be good with foals, as she routinely, and gladly, foalsat Rumble.

Personal life

Cloudchaser lived in Ponyville and worked as a Weather Worker, Foalsitter and later, Wonderbolt Trainee. She had many genuine friendships in Ponyville, most notably, Flitter, Thunderlane, Rumble and Bulk Biceps but was also seen to be on good terms with Sunshower Raindrops, Rainbow Dash and probably Fluttershy, as she saved her life during her Wonderbolt training.

Cloudchaser has mentioned her parents before, but little is known of them.[1]

Behind the scenes

Confusing creation

Cloudchaser actually has a rather confusing inception. Behind the scenes, she is known as Stormwalker, and was created as Stormworker, as and Cloud Chaser is actually an entirely other character who was never actually designed and thus, never used, but a storyboard artist instead used the design for Stormwalker for Cloudchaser. To make matters even more confusing, their exists another character named Cloudchaser and Cloudchaser herself has been referred to as Stormwalker, but in a quote on the card "Cloudchaser, Flexible Flier", Cloudchaser isn't actually named Stormwalker but wishes she was.


Being a minor character, Cloudchaser doesn't have a single, iconic voice and has been portrayed by multiple actresses in multiple dubs. In the main English production, she was initially portrayed by Cathy Weseluck, but later Andrea Libman. In the Hebrew dub, she is portrayed by Diklah Hadar, in the Japanese dub, Mikoi Sasaki, in the Romanian, Ioana Dagău and in the Latin American Spanish Monserrat Mendoza.


Cloudchaser is a fairly unique minor character in that much of her design is original and not compiled from other ponies. Her manestyle is akin to 1980s style fashion and to a lesser extent, contemporary "goth" looks, but is brightly colored blue and white. Her complexion is a dark pastel shade of purple and she has magenta eyes. Color wise, she is very similar to Flitter, but very slightly differently colored in most respects. Her cutie mark alternates from a shooting star to a cloud and sun.

In other media

IDW comics

Cloudchaser appeared in the background in Ponyville Mysteries #5.







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