Charles Muenchinger

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Charles Muenchinger
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Charles Muenchinger is a sculptor from Provence, Rhode Island. In 1981, he and artist Bonnie Zacherle created My Pretty Pony, the toy that would eventually grow into the My Little Pony series.

Very little of Muenchinger's life is known. The earliest known mention of Muenchinger was in 1973 in the Afro-American artists; a bio-bibliographical directory, a directory of African American artists, which referenced him as being museum guest instructor in 1971. On November 28, 1977, he filed his first two known toy inventions at Hasbro, and in 1981, he filed the patent for My Pretty Pony. [1][2]

In 2016, he appeared at an nautical antique show, showcasing his models.[3][4]


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