Characters who didn't make the cut

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My Little Pony is a big franchise. While nowhere quite as big as some of the other toy juggernauts, it's still a much larger franchise than some believe. As such, several ideas are pitched every year, and only some of them go through. Thus, several characters have been proposed, but went unused. This is an incomplete list of them.

Generation 1

Hector Ramirez

Hector Ramirez was a recurring journalist character in several Sunbow Pictures/Hasbro television shows of the 80s. From well known beasts such as Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Jem, he also appeared in obscure ones such as InHumanoids, C.O.P.S., etc. According to writer Buzz Dixon, Ramirez was going to have a tongue-and-cheek appearance in My Little Pony: The Movie to solidify the world of Pony Land into the 'Tooniverse'.[1]


Shipwreck was a sailor from G.I. Joe. Similar to Hector Ramirez, Shipwreck was set to appear in My Little Pony: The Movie.[1]

Generation 2

Generation 3

Generation 4


Cloudchaser was an unused character who later evolved into...Cloudchaser, also known as Stormwalker (see here for details) but was ultimately never designed. Cloudchaser was most likely a mare, given her evolution, but nothing is known about her other than she existed and was a pegasus.

Generation 5