Forms of Queen Chrysalis

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Queen Chrysalis has assumed numerous forms throughout her life.



Chrysalis assumed the form of Princess Cadance for an unknown length of time prior to her forces invading Canterlot.


After absorbing Grogar's magic from the Bewitching Bell, Chrysalis' appearance altered to reflect her increased power. Her back shell grew to resemble armor that also wrapped around the front of her chest, with similar growths appearing on her hooves. Her wings also grew larger, with the upper half of her horn taking on a green coloration. Chrysalis' eye sclera also became green, and her crown became green and grew into a helmet-like shape. After being blasted by Harmony Magic from the Council of Friendship, the Pillars of Old Equestria, and the Young Six, Chrysalis reverted back to normal.

My Little Pony: Magic Princess dubbed this form as "Chaos Chrysalis", and featured Chrysalis briefly assuming it a second time after Discord's Chaos Magic affected her. There is no indication that any Chaos Magic was involved in the original transformation.

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