Literature of Equestria and beyond

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Throughout Equestria and beyond several pieces of literature exists, from comic books to mighty tomes.


A Brief History of the Wagon Harness

A Brief History of the Wagon Harness was a book Twilight Sparkle used to lure Moon Dancer to a party. The book presumably contains historical information on Wagon Harness'.[1]

A Metallurgical History of Ancient Sword Making

A Metallurgical History of Ancient Sword Making was a book written at some point before the Sacking of the Crystal Empire. It was seen in Princess Celestia's library.[2]

Aardvarks to Alicorns

Aardvarks to Alicorns was a book owned by Twilight Sparkle, presumably a collection of species that inhabited Equestria.[3]

Fur and Clothing in Las Pegasus

Fur and Clothing in Las Pegasus appears to be a written text about the various types of clothing one can buy in Las Pegasus. The only known section of it detailed facts about Buffalo headresses.[4]

Advanced Placement Calculus

Advanced Placement Calculus was a text book that was used in Canterlot Academy in the 1980s. Shining Armor had a copy in the year 1987.

Spike's art book collection

Spike owned at least 4 art-books with either names or attached authors. He studied them while making a painting for Rarity's birthday.[5]

  • Newton
  • Leyendecker — Presumably named for J.C. Leyendecker.
  • Sneyd — Presumably named after Doug Sneyd.
  • Pony Clip Art #2 — Possibly a meta-reference to how several pieces of merchandise use stock-art.
  • Cover Run
  • Wrightson — Possibly a reference to Bernie Wrightson.

Dark Magic wing

Several books are seen in the Dark Magic wing of the library, many named, some with authors. These books are the following.[6]

  • Beware of the Titans
  • Black Magic
  • Condestoga Cannibalism
  • Corpexiphan
  • Creation of Discord
  • Crisis of Infinite Equestrias
  • Crossing Over
  • EVIL
  • Evil Origins of Canterlot
  • Exorcoltism
  • Green Lantern
  • History of Aquastria
  • History of the Preservers
  • How to Stop the Unicorn Uprise
  • Infamous Cemeteries of Equestria
  • Kelpies
  • Lovecolt
  • Memento Mori
  • Necronomicon
  • O
  • Origin of the Everfree Forest
  • Pony War Stories
  • Quantum Physics
  • Salem's Stable
  • Sea-Ponies
  • Secrets of Nightmare Moon
  • Skull and Crossbones
  • Soylent Green Recipes
  • Survive?
  • The Cruel Horseshoes
  • The First Ponies
  • The Haunting of Hill Horse
  • The Headless Horse
  • The Mare in Black
  • The Observers
  • The Origin of the Diamond Dogs
  • The Pegasus Prophecy: Evil of the Sky
  • The Ponyville Horror
  • The Witch Queen of New Horseleans
  • There is More Than One of Everything
  • Through the Looking Glass
  • True Tales of Trotsylvania
  • War of the Zebras
  • Who Do The Changelings Work For?
  • Who Was Megan?
  • World Domination And You
  • Zebra Magic
  • ZFT

Ponies and Prejudice

Ponies and Prejudice was a book written by an unknown author. Twilight Sparkle listed it among the many books she's read, alongside Daring Do and the Sapphire Statue and the Horseback of Notre Dame.

Yellow Books

A Yellow Book was a type of book that documented the area codes of places in cities and towns. At least three issues were made, Canterlot and Surrounding Suburbs, Manehattan and Surrounding Burroughs and Ponyville.


Foal Titans

The Foal Titans were a famous superhero team. Shining Armor was a huge fan of them and had their poster on his wall.

Behind the scenes

The Titans are a reference to the Teen Titans of DC comics fame. In this universe however, they appear to be published by IDW, who also apparently publish Harley Quinn, Death of the Endless and...Deadpool of all things.
Marv Wolfman, a prolific Teen Titans writer and creator of Starfire, Tim Drake, Cyborg, and Raven, has written for My Little Pony Tales.

Literary characters