Cinema of Maritime Bay

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Maritime Bay had a noticeable film scene. There were at least three known films shot within the city, such as Horns, Harry Trotter, and Judgement Neigh. As evident by these films, there were several actors based in the city, perhaps the most noteworthy of which was Brisk Bronco, who starred in the aforementioned Judgement Neigh.

At least two organizations existed to review films in Maritime Bay, that being Mare Times and the Maritime Bay Times.

Behind the scenes[edit]

As with most things in Maritime Bay, the films had an undeniable racial (for lack of a better term) undertone, with the monsters and bad guys are depicted as unicorns, whereas the good guys were earth ponies. The use of the Terminator motif as the primary film displayed may be symbolic of how in the second Terminator film, the T-800 (as depicted by Brisk Bronco) became the hero, possibly symbolizing how unicorns and earth ponies became friends.

Behind the scenes[edit]