Birds of a Feather

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Template:Animation Birds of a Feather is the 19th episode of My Little Pony Tales

When looking for an endangered species of bird, Bon Bon, Patch, Bright Eyes and Ace get lost in the woods, only to realize there isn't much woods to get lost in anymore


Bright Eyes informed her friends about the Green-Winged Songbird, an endangered species of bird. Wanting to do something about it, she plans a trek into the woods with Bon Bon, Patch and Ace with the latter serving as a pseudo-leader given his experience with the Pony Scouts. Of course, their adventure goes awry and they end up lost and without food after incidents with Bees and Bon Bon eating an entire weeks worth of food in an afternoon. Still, they manage to keep cool until they finally meet a Green-Winged Songbird family. After the birds show them the deforested land of the forest, they decide to do something about it. Using Bon Bon's diary as a resource to find their way back, the friends manage to go home and inform others. The Ponyland Mayor officially made the forest where the Green-Winged Songbirds call home a wildlife preserve and Bright Eyes and her friends became the Ponies of the Month.






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