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"Big" Jim Miller
My Little Pony staff
Job(s)Director, storyboard artists and supervisor, lyricist, voice actor, on-camera actor, writer

"Thank you to the cast and crew. Thank you to the fans. I love you all."
Big Jim Miller's closing words on Friendship is Magic

"BIG" Jim Miller is a Canadian director, voice actor, lyricist, storyboard artist, storyboard supervisor and comic artist who acted as the series supervising director of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic from seasons 5 to 9, making him the longest show runner in the franchises history thus far. Miller was very active in the shows' fandom, often answering fan submitted questions and attending fan conventions.

Along with Timothy Packford, Katrina Hadley, Jayson Thiessen and Ishi Rudell, Miller appeared in "Slice of Life" as a live-action horse named Jim.

Among his many other credits, Miller is known for his work on Ed Edd n Eddy (starring Sam Vincent and Tony Sampson), Johnny Test, Kit vs Kat and Dead Rising 3.

Bronies have a very 'normal' relationship with him.


Fandom involvement

Miller was highly active in the Friendship is Magic fandom during his tenure as showrunner, hosting numerous Q&As and appearing in a number interviews with fans.[1] Notably, he appeared as a guest on Equestria Daily's recurring column, From the Horses Mouth as a guest of honor and appeared at several fan conventions.

In 2019, Miller was sent death threats after Friendship is Magic was leaked in Netherlands, causing a support campaign known as #ThankYouBigJim to thank him for his then nearly 10-year tenure as a show staffer.[2]

When Friendship is Magic officially ended, Miller made a several tweet-long eulogy of the series, praising the staff and fans of the series.[3]

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