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Cover of Friendship is Magic #10, a parody of Justice League #1 (vol 1), an iconic cover with Vinyl Scratch taking over the role of Guy Gardner

DC Comics (short for Detective Comics Comics) is considered apart of the "big two" of Western Comic book publications, alongside Marvel Comics. While DC has yet to produce any Pony media themselves, they have been referenced many times.


Friendship is Magic cartoon

  • Shining Armor and Spike own comics that parodied Action Comics #1[1][2]
  • The fictional city of Maretropolis is probably a reference of Metropolis. In addition, the Power Ponies are a blend of The Justice League and The Avengers
    • Although the names of the heroes are based off various comics in general. Star Sapphire is most likely named after the Star Sapphires.

Friendship is Magic comic book

Other connections

Comic talent crossover

Performing talent crossover


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