Autumn Blaze

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Autumn Blaze
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Kirin
NationalityPeaks of Peril
ResidenceKirin Village
Real world
VoiceRachel Bloom
"Sounds of Silence"
"The Last Problem"

Autumn Blaze is a Kirin mare. Bombastic by nature, Autumn was the only Kirin to not be fully capable of adapting to her post-Stream of Silence lifestyle, missing the noise and talkative nature of her previous life, and so, she was forced to live in exile, though managed to regain her voice from foal's-breath flowers. Helpful and good-natured, though mischievous, Autumn Blaze became quick friends with Applejack and Fluttershy and later aided them in the final battle for Equestria.


Autumn Blaze was among the Kirin who, after an argument led to a fire in Kirin Grove, entered the Stream of Silence on the orders of Rain Shine. However, after years of enduring an inability to express herself through speech, Autumn became despondent, and was thus ecstatic when she discovered a cure made from foal's-breath flowers. With her reclaimed voice, she soon drove the other inhabitants of the grove to distraction as she expressed herself through various mediums. Ultimately, Rain Shine ordered her to either reenter the stream and give up her voice again, or else leave the village. Autumn chose the latter, eventually establishing herself some distance away from her former home.

In her isolation, Autumn searched for more of the foal's-breath, covering the area within the Peaks of Peril "seventy-three and a half times" but never finding more of the flowers. Her solitude eventually ended when Applejack arrived, having been sent by the Cutie Map, and she came looking for a Kirin capable of speech. Autumn Blaze soon overwhelmed her new acquaintance, being thrilled to encounter another speaking individual after such a long time. She went on to explain-through song-how her people had come to be without their power of speech. Applejack soon departed to convince the other Kirin to take the cure, with Autumn feeling a mixture of doubt and hope at the idea.

When an argument between Applejack and her friend Fluttershy nearly landed them in the Stream of Silence, Autumn took on her Nirik form to save them. After recognizing that she had channeled a negative feeling in a positive way, she pleaded with her fellows to follow her example, reminding Fern Flare and Shine in particular of the joy having voices had brought them. Ultimately, they were convinced, though it took a moment for them to convey to Autumn Blaze their desire for her cure; Fluttershy and Applejack also ended up having to find the flowers for her, having discovered them outside the peaks. With the voices of the Kirin restored, Rain Shine thanked Autumn Blaze and welcomed her home.[1]

Later in her life, Autumn Blaze was among the several individuals who defended Equestria from the Legion of Doom.[2] Afterwards, she attended the coronation of Twilight Sparkle as ruler of all Equestria, sharing a table with a Changeling near her friend Applejack. Years later, Applejack remembered her fondly among her family and some of her closest friends...and a couple foes.[3]


Prior to entering the Stream of Silence, Autumn Blaze was apparently still a rather exuberant individual, and entertained her fellow Kirin with comedy routines. After being silenced she briefly attempted to occupy herself with sudoku, but ultimately lost interest. Upon regaining her voice, she began producing a massive amount of content, ranging from humor and song to musical theater. Rather than give up this regained ability, she chose to leave her village, though her isolation caused her to "befriend" various things by imbuing them-at least in her mind-with personalities. These included her hooves and her shadow, which she dubbed "Silhouette Gloom of the Sundown Lands".

Autumn also became somewhat philosophical in her isolation, and longed for the opportunity to speak with another being, though she retained her sense of fun and mischief. As a result, she was ecstatic to meet Applejack, and hopeful that the Earth Pony mare could convince her friends to start speaking again. However, upon seeing her people about to force Applejack and Fluttershy into the Stream of Silence, she felt anger, and transformed into her Nirik form in order to protect them. Ultimately, this helped reinforce her viewpoint that rejecting all feelings was wrong, and that emotions needed to be controlled, not denied.



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