Applejack's Amazing Adventure

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Applejack's Amazing Adventure was a story told in the pages of My Little Pony #35.


After Applejack upset her friends with her clumsiness, she trotted away to see Witch Know-a-Lot about a spell in order to cure her clumsiness. After finding a fork in the way, Applejack passed by the Crooked tree and enter a Pixie house. Unfortunately, she knocked over their clothing, angering the Pixies. Eventually, Applejack came across a big rock guarding a cave. She decided to rest in the cave but was greeted instead by the gentle calling of a human. The human was none other than the Jewel Wizard who attempted to enslave Applejack. Applejack was helped by his other slaves, Gingerbread, Whizzer and Fizzy but ultimately they weren't much help. They worked in the mines for so long that their eyes no longer properly worked, effectively making them blind. Enraged by this, Applejack smashed the Jewel Wizard's throne, destroying it and sending him down to the ends of the world. Applejack freed her friends, who would start new lives in Ponyland.







Behind the scenes

The comic serves as an origin story to the Twinkle eyed ponies.

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