Amethyst Gleam

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I suppose I can't keep calling you "Dragon," can I? You need a real name.
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Amethyst Gleam
S4E22 Amethyst.png
Species Pony
Kind Crystal Pony
Gender Female
Occupation Shopkeeper
Nationality Equestrian
Residence Crystal Empire
Address Sapphire Abode
Real world
Voice actor Ashleigh Ball
First "Trade Ya!"

Amethyst Gleam is a Crystal Pony who lives in the Sapphire Abode. She's businesslike and savvy with an unexplained obsession with rusty horseshoes, which she uses to trade goods with. She ran the Crystal Chalice Stand at the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange.

Behind the scenes[edit]


Amethyst Gleam is a fan name used on the FIM Wikia as she has no official name.


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