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Not to be confused with with the pony, Squire, or the shop, Alonzo's Pretzel Store
MLP40 Squire Alonzo.png
Species Human
Gender Male
First "Would Be Dragonslayer"

"I wasn't trying to hurt your dragon...I WAS TRYING TO SLAY HIM"
— Alonzo

Squire Alonzo was a squire who traveled with his companion camel, Panza. With the help of the ponies, he became the replacement for Sir Hugonaut, the most famous knight in the land.


Alonzo was a dedicated squire who put everything into trying to do good deeds, but he often messed up. His misadventures included attempting to slay a giant but instead got trapped by it, trying to save a damsel from an evil witch, but failing and trying to save a a town from its rat problems, but ironically scared away the cats instead.

He tried to slay Spike but his efforts were thwarted when Whizzer and his other pony friends came to his aid. Alonzo introduced himself and his camel friend Panza. He explained that he wanted to do one good deed in order to become a knight, but his good deeds always backfired. After talking with the ponies, Alonzo soon realized that Spike was a good guy and apologized for his actions and collectively the ponies and Spike decided to try to help Alonzo.

The misadventures of Panza and Alonzo

Together they travel and find Princess Aline's castle covered in thickets and vines. Assuming the princess must be kidnapped, Alonzo storms the castle only to find Princess Aline marring Sir Hugonaut with her mean fairy godmother Emelita and Hugonaut's kindly wizard, Mothert watching over them. Apparently, Emelita was the one who encased the castle in vines in order to make sure the marriage would be safe and sound.

Hugonaut explained to Alonzo that he would be retiring as a knight, as he believed he was getting to old for questing and heroic deeds and instead wanted to settle down and wanted to find a replacement. Enthusiastic, Alonzo volunteered to be hsi replacement, but the others made him leave instead. Embarrassed by what transpired, Alonzo briefly gave up his dream of being a knight on their trip back and threw his sword deep into the woods, nearly hitting an aged, giant turtle by accident. As he went to apologize, he saw the turtle was laying on its back, unable to get up. Alongzo tried to but the turtle back on its feet for hours with no progress, as the turtle was to heavy for him. Eventually, Alonzo used a stick and stone in order to prop the turtle back on his feet.

The turtle revealed himself to be Mothert in disguise and informed Alonzo that he passed the test to prove his kindness and stout heart, allowing him to become a true knight.


Alonzo had a "stout heart", and was described as being a "nice guy" by Spike. He was kind, adventurous, hard-working, dedicated but also not very bright. His desire to become a knight wasn't purely out of the desire of glory, but also due to his genuine desire to help those in need, as shown when he spent hours helping a turtle, even though the turtle berated him every step of the way.


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