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FIM99 Acacia.png
Species Pony
Kind Earth Pony
Gender Female
Nationality Equestrian
Family Pie family
First Friendship is Magic #99

Acacia was the eldest known of her branch (ha) of the Pie family. She appeared to either be the older sister or possibly cousin of Oak, Spruce, and Birch, but her exact relationship in the family unclear. She attended Partypalooza and seemed to have a high opinion of Cheese Sandwich.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Acacia first appeared in Friendship is Magic #99 but wasn't named until the bonus interview in the end. She bares a striking resemblance to Mudbriar, hinting that at the point in time of Friendship is Magic: Season 10, Mudbriar and his family were now considered 'Pies', but this is unconfirmed.



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