33 1/3

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33 1/3
FIM11 33.png
Species Pony
Kind Unicorn
Gender Male
Occupation DJ
Nationality Equestrian
Residence Canterlot
Family Scratch family
First neigh anything...
Last neigh anything...part 2 - presentable in periwinke

33 1/3 is possibly the older brother of Vinyl Scratch.


33 went to school with Shining Armor and Princess Cadance. He seemed to admire Shining Armor's musical skill and passion. 33 appeared to be a caring older brother, or older relative, as he took Vinyl Scratch to The Mystic Knights of the Electric Stable show where she got her cutie mark. He later played DJ at the Fall Formal.

Behind the scenes[edit]

33 1/3's true name is unknown. "33 1/3" was his stage name as attributed to on a sign advertising his performance. He first appeared in the 11th issue of Friendship is Magic. He appeared multiple times in the background, never focused in. It's assumed he's related to Vinyl Scratch given his similar design, passion for music and since he took her to a concert when she was just a filly.



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