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Wouldn't it be sick if at the end of the issue, the U.S.S. Enterprise lands in Canterlot or something?

20/20 is a IDW Publishing "event comic" series that will either take place 20 years in the past or future of their given franchises, as a means to explore "secret histories" and "possible futures". The series is set for a weekly release pattern of one-shot issues starting in the January of 2019. For My Little Pony, the story takes place roughly 20 years prior to the current date, which is only moments prior to the Sonic Rainboom incident. Oh boy...


The day the series became known on Equestria Daily, Sethisto made a post about it, praising IDW for giving the community a better ballpark on the ages of the ponies, since the comic takes place 20 years in the past.


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